1. She used to live in a city,

Where no one truly thought,

There’s world to conquer

And dreams were all she’s got.

But her mindless spirit and hopeless heart

Only let her walk to the nearest bar

Ref. She’s drinking Here again 

Don’t know where to go

Wondering if she’s home 

Then why she’s so alone

2. He used to have a good life

Fine boy, fine family

No problems has he got

And that’s the problem, You see

He couldn’t feel anything, had empty eyes

And this is when the darkness again stopped by 

Ref. He’s drinking Here and there 

Trying to find a way

To feel that void in head

Why he’s so alone

3. They used to live in fear

Seen things child shouldn’t have seen

Now empty bottle sound is the only thing they hear

They really wanted to live live normally 

It overpowered them and You know the rest of the story…