In the middle of nowhere

1. In the middle of nowhere I was found,
because I felt it from the start,
that hopeless feeling on the bottom of my heart,
In the middle of nowhere I was found,
When I was waiting for Your sound,
When I was waiting for You
to Come And rescue me,
Come And rescue me

Ref. Cause When I was Young
I fought So hard,
When we were Young…

2. So darling don’t stay so quiet, can’t You see,
that angels have abandoned me?
Oh fragile life, Oh fragile soul that lives within.
I used to dream a big dream, but now I don’t,
cause I can’t do it on my own,
so darling save me from the
dusk And from myself,
save me from myself.

Ref. Cause when I was Young…

3. I do know, that I have to find my way
to the redemption, everyday
I feel like Your help might give me
power to go straight,
In the middle of nowhere I found You,
cause You were waiting for me too,
i feel like You help might bring the
force back to me
And I finally be free

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